About our Company


AmiGo Abroad offers innovative services that holistically assist the efforts of individuals and institutions in their international academic experience goals. AmiGo Abroad does this by weaving a network of global allies and bringing our users and partners information, support, and cost-efficient and all inclusive consulting.


Our vision is to become the worldwide referent in services for the international academic experience of individuals.

Our boomerang

Our logo is a boomerang in flight. It symbolizes the journey and the rewards obtained when an individual goes abroad. His life is changed by everything he brings back from the experience (a competitive professional profile, enhanced worldview, better job opportunities, etc.).

Its flight also symbolizes how we can aid our institutional allies to make their complex process a swift and easy glide. With this tool our partners can obtain improvements in operational performance and a better experience for their academic communities.

Our History

Founded in February 2016 in Monterrey, Mexico, AmiGo Abroad has its origins in a paper based internationalization program designed and implemented in 2013 by Gonzalo Portilla. The original idea was updated and transformed with the vision of creating a mobile application that could be used as a base for developing new internationalization strategies for the benefit of individuals and institutions. Our support units were created by the needs and challenges that the educational institutions’ international offices face in their search for a better performance in their internationalization key performance indicators (KPIs) Our innovative model has been well received during 2016 and 2017 in several international events, such as the annual conferences of organizations like CONAHEC, AMPEI and EAIE. In February 2018, AmiGo Abroad opens its doors and formally starts its operations.

AmiGo Abroad

Your new best friend for an academic experience abroad.

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