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Mobile App

Our mobile App will be the first tool available that can provide all required information, and manage the international process

By using new and emerging technologies, this mobile tool can encourage individuals interested in an international academic experience by intelligent tracking ot the different requirements and steps in the process. It will also make the connection with each member of our holistic support network, formed by global strategic alliances.

Our app’s flexible configuration options allow it to be adapted to any academic institution’s needs, regardless of country, number of students, public or private regime, and operational years.

Depending on the institution’s strategies and needs, they will be able to activate and implement several of the following modules:

  • General and mobility process institutional information.
  • Targeted communication for specific groups.
  • Bilateral and multilateral agreement management.
  • Institutional image localization
  • Reports and metrics.
  • Multimedia, virtual and augmented reality institutional promotion.

In this manner, our app will focus in improve the performance of the international office to reach new goals and milestones in its internationalization metrics.

For best results, AmiGo can provide strategic planning for the implementation of our app, custom-made to the needs of each institution. For more information please contact us


Consulting & Talent Development

AmiGo Abroad offers consulting and team development services regardless of country or institutional characteristics.

The following subjects are part of our course catalog:

  • International Office cost-effective development.
  • Communication and Leadership in the International Office
  • National and International accreditations
  • Kaizen event training.
  • Student oriented service.
  • Emergency protocol implementation
  • Process manuals, regulations and form development

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Outsourcing and Institutional Representation

For institutions that are looking to have a professional, trained and qualified team at their international affairs office, AmiGo Abroad Outsourcing offers the service required with a reasonable cost. *

Our team can represent your institution, prospect, create and manage new agreements and even promote your programs abroad.

Our outsourcing services can be on-site or off-site depending on the process or your institution’s needs. Your institution will make better use of its resources and will receive quality service!

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* Service subject to country availability


AmiGo Abroad STAP Logistics (Short-term Academic Programs)

AmiGo Abroad has a strategic alliance with BAC Level Group. This allows us to offer Short-term Academic Programs, where groups of incoming or outgoing students from diverse disciplines can experience one or two week programs from or to Mexico or other latin-american countries.

Let AmiGo Abroad and BAC Level Group guarantee the success of your institution’s study trips

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Strategic and smart publicity.

Are you interested in increasing your student attraction? You can use our diverse communication channels to promote your institution and its programs to a great community of potential candidate students.

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